Natura Bisse Diamond Anti-Aging Bio-Regenerative Cream 50ml,

Mountain View
Natura Bisse Diamond Anti-Aging Bio-Regenerative Cream has the following features:Its rich, silky texture envelops your skin, satisfying every one of its needs. An unparalleled combination of powerful active ingredients infuses your skin with energy. Fights wrinkles and delivers elasticity and firmness, even to the driest, most damaged skin. Its lifting effect is visible from the first day you use it. Artemia Salina extract creates the energy necessary to stimulate cellular metabolism. Ursolic acid together with pea extract prevents loss of elasticity. Grapeseed extract fights the damaging effects of free radicals. Oligo-collagen complex: a cocktail of minerals combined with hydrolyzed collagen, essential to firming your facial contour.

PRICE : USD 227.00


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