Argital Propolis Cream 50ml,

Mountain View
Argital Propolis Cream is suitable as protective cream and for the skins with impurities, acnes or boils. The word Propolis comes from the Greek and it means “in defence of the city”. For the bees, the Propolis is a real protective barrier.Argital Propolis Cream is a mixture of natural resin element that is picked up by the bees on some trees: Pine, Polar, Willow, Horse chestnut, Birch and then elaborated by themselves. It is rich in resin elements, wax, essential oils and less on pollen, vitamins, amminoacids, sugars, and oligoelements.Argital Propolis Cream contains Propolis, Hypericum Oil, Clay Gel, pure essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Pine, Lemon, that strengthen this protective action. The pure oil of Sweet Almonds nourishes the skin making it softer and more elastic. Certified by BDIH, BIO and ICEA.

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