Manier Placenta EX 30packs, (1 pack x 4capsules)

Mountain View
Manier Placenta EX has the following features:Uses placentas of 100% thoroughbred horses in Hokkaido ranch, instead of edible horse placentas which can be over-nutritious at times.Laennec placenta and strict production processes: named after French scholar Laennec, Laennec placenta contains human placenta extracts. It is produced and monitored under strict procedures with 3 sterilization methods and high-pressure anti-bacterial process.Soy Isoflavones, a natural ingredient in soy beans, are rich in nutrients and high-quality protein. With a texture similar to estrogens in women’s bodies, it can sooth syndromes during menopause such as hot flashes.Soy Isoflavones can also reduces the loss of calcium and Osteoporosis caused by a decrease in estrogen level.L- Citrulline is an amino acid in watermelon, which can dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to prevent edema and sooth fatigue and stiff neck. It can also inhibit cholesterol blood cells to improve Vasoconstriction and prevent arteriosclerosis.American ginseng soothes PMS / menopause syndromes and provides anti-stress, anti-aging benefits and care for muscle after exercise.Piper longum fruit extract can improve body coldness, promote blood circulation and improve edema.

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