TALIKA White Energy Program 1set, 2pcs

Mountain View
TALIKA White Energy Program includes:White Energy Booster Safe, small and with a trendy design, the triple-action combines proven LED phototherapy for brightening and anti-dark-spot benefits, micro-vibration and ion-sonic technology to stimulate cell function and increase cellular exchange. Helps the active ingredients in your skincare products to perform to their maximum potential. After 30 days, pigmentation decreases 30% Power supply: 1.5V AA battery.White Energy Cream 10ml Transforming light into dermo-repairing energy, this cream infuses Photo-Beauty Enzyme® and a series of effective whitening active ingredients, reducing dark spots in 4 weeks. Brightens the complexion and eliminates dark spots. Reoxygenates, regenerates and protects the skin. After 14 days, non-pigmented cells increases 79.6%.

PRICE : USD 127.00


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